chaayé khana

Chaaye Khana is more than just a cafe; it was founded out of a love for traditional flavors and a desire for cozy pleasures. We are a gathering spot for people who appreciate real food, a refuge for those in need of a comforting cup of tea, and a place where every breakfast item reflects the culture and history of the owner.

Our journey started as a modest attempt to serve up the customs and flavors of our heritage. Although we’ve expanded since then, our goal hasn’t altered. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our food and bringing you back to a more carefree era when you relished every morning bite and cup of tea.

Our cuisine has been carefully crafted, drawing inspiration from a variety of culinary traditions, and is made using only the freshest ingredients. Here at Chaaye Khana, we make sure that every dish we serve pleases and comforts your senses, whether it’s the fragrant infusion of our teas or the filling delight of our breakfast options.

Chaaye Khana’s dedication to creating a cozy and friendly environment is at its core. We care more about developing connections, creating a homey atmosphere, and making memories than we do about serving delicious cuisine and excellent tea.

Come enjoy our love of real flavors, hearty meals, and the pure delight of a perfectly brewed cup of tea with us at Chaaye Khana.

“Steeping into Tradition – Where Every Cup is a Brew-tiful Journey into

📞 051 8312192.
📍 F-6 Super Market, Islamabad.Heritage!

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